Born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania in 1991, I moved to Wurzburg, Germany when I was seven years old.  There I learned to appreciate tradition and history in a very internal way.  At the age of ten I returned to the United States, this time to Massachusetts.  Up until that point I had danced in ballet, tap, and jazz classes.  Instead, upon entering middle school, I picked up the flute and became obsessed with playing music.


        After losing my father at age sixteen, I was reminded of my joy and passion for dance and wondered why I had spent so long away.  It was then that I returned to training in dance and declared it as my major at Bard College.  While at Bard I developed an obsession for dancing en pointe, on the toes, which is a technique almost exclusively reserved for female dancers.  The use of pointe in my work has remained a very large part of my practice.  Upon my graduation from Bard in 2013, I entered the Dance Prism Ballet Company.  I still participate in performances with the company as often as possible.  


        During the years that I danced with Dance Prism I worked at Classic Elite Yarns, a distribution company for knitting yarns, a passion for which I learned from my mother who is an avid knitter.  I also trained for and obtained my license as a massage therapist during this time and opened my own massage studio in 2016.  After several years of trying, I was finally able to move back across the Atlantic to Scotland, a place to which I have been drawn for most my life.


         I am currently living and studying in Glasgow as a student in the Performance pathway of the Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice program at the Glasgow School of Art.  Here I have been deepening my spiritual and artistic practices by exploring the land as well as new artistic mediums.  Each experience has been eye opening and has brought me to dig deeper into the spirituality that guides my art.

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